MAKANA Waipa : Eat The Invasives is a unique culinary event hosted in partnership with Kona Brewing Company, the Waipa Foundation and it's team of practitioners, staff and volunteers on September 29th, 2018. MAKANA Waipa: Eat The Invasives 2018 will build on the partnership established in 2016 with Kona Brewing Company and provide an opportunity to celebrate community, increase awareness for aina based work and raise additional funds to support Waipa Foundation’s important programs and services.
In 2016, Kona Brewing Company selected the Waipa Foundation as a beneficiary for a grant in connection with it's launch of a new brew, the Hanalei Island IPA. Waipa is a Hawaiian, community-based, nonprofit managing the 1,600 acre ahupua'a of Waipa as a living learning center. Located on the shores of Hanalei Bay, Waipa is a cultural kipuka where people can connect with and learn about aina, local values and lifestyle. Waipa welcomes more than 4,000 lifelong learners annually, and many thousands more to it's farmers markets and community events.
Through MAKANA Waipa : Eat The Invasives a unique opportunity is created for local practitioners to engage with chefs and the community on the grounds of Waipa while also providing attendees with an opportunity to support and experience firsthand the food, culture and mission of Waipa Foundation. Chefs will partner with practitioners and highlight invasive produce and other ingredients sourced from Waipa and the surrounding aina to create one of a kind dishes. 
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