Each Saturday starting at 8:30am, there is a volunteer work day in the Kauai Food Forest & Seed Garden. This 1.5 acre agroforestry site, designed along permaculture principals, is intended to become a largely self-perpetuating, food production system. The food forest, now in the early stages, is reliant on community participation and stewardship for ongoing maintenance. Continued participation will evolve our skills in collective enterprise. There are weekly opportunities to practice hands-on sustainable agriculture at the seed garden and the food forest. These experiences allow participants to explore the amazing diversity of plant species and varieties. Shared work sessions bring us together with others who love to learn and grow through the world of plants. Volunteers bring home gifts of the garden and the heart, caring for the earth and each other. For more information, contact Paul at Regenerations by emailing info@ribg.org or call (808) 652-4118.