There’s good news for residents and anyone already held up in Hawaii, though. General travel between the islands will resume Tuesday June 16th, but it comes with a few regulations. People flying between islands will have to submit to a temperature check, which will be conducted using new thermal screening systems and facial recognition software (which are currently being installed at airports). Anyone with a fever of more than 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to fly. Passengers arriving between islands will not have to abide by the 14-day quarantine, which is a change from past policies and really the biggest factor (most people would not travel to another island from their own if they had to quarantine when they get there and then quarantine when they get back). Still, at this time, leisure travel is discouraged. The main point is to allow residents to reconnect with family on other islands. Officials also see this as a way to test their new thermal screening systems in preparation for the grand reopening, whenever that may be. “Interisland [travel] allows us to test our system and make sure it is safe,” Governor Ige said.