Dedicated to Mary Oliver, whose M.O. was to go out or in and experience something and find words that allow all of us to share her experience for eternity Friday, April 5, Saturday, April 6, and Sunday, April 7 at Storybook Theatre in Hanapepe

Friday the 5th – 7pm – We begin with a parade from the Art and music and food on the street into our safe haven.   
8pm - Performances/Open Mike
Saturday the 6th – Keiki events 9am to 12 noon  Dorrie Winkler will travel all the way from Kilauea to read to Keiki from her Pukey poetry Series which you can find online.  Roberto will entertain with Puppetry. Children’s submissions of poetry will be read.  Playshops 1 pm to 4pm Writing from Soul Collage.  Creating a personal card representing some aspect of your self by choosing images from magazines, cutting and pasting, and then writing from that aspect. The other classes are being cooked up and undisclosed as yet. Performances/open mike 6:30pm 
Sunday the 7th – 1:30-3: 30pm Poetry Rites and Dance of Universal Poetry from all of these worlds traditions.