Here on the Garden Isle of Kaua'i the B-Rad Foundation is taking action to foster the environmental leaders and stewards of tomorrow. Working with Kaua'i schools we lead middle school students through our three part program based on Environmental Stewardship, Health and Adventure. Using these pillars, Kaua'i students have a chance to learn and take direct action to ensure a brighter future. We also host monthly B-RAD Beach Cleanups to preserve the natural beauty of our island, and to honor Brad through direct community outreach and growth. What started as a grassroots project of close family and friends, has now blossomed into a far reaching community-based effort.

We believe that our children are our most valuable resource and hope for a brighter future. Our "B-Rad Keiki Programs" have now partnered with three different Kaua'i schools and are gearing up for next year as we finish up with our current groups of sixth grade students. There is nothing that makes us happier than to empower the next generation of RAD. Look for us in a Kaua'i middle or elementary school near you!

In our B-Rad Beach Cleanups we have created a strong partnership with Kaua'i Surfrider Foundation. We have been fortunate to be able to use recycling programs to reuse most of all the hard plastics collected in our cleanup efforts as well as the derelict fishing nets. In the last year of clean-ups, we have collected over 90,000 lbs of trash from our shoreline in partnership with Surfrider and other non-profit groups.