Saturday July 28th from 10-11am

Horseback and walking units, floral floats, vintage cars, and decorated vehicles are in a 
great hometown parade that celebrates aspects of the workers’ camps in plantation towns. 
Each camp had its ethnic identity, customs, foods, games and sports, music and dance. 
This is a festival signature event, don’t miss it!
The people walking, on decorated floats, on horseback, and in decorated vehicles will do their 
best to capture some aspect of plantation life. They will have colorful costumes, perhaps play 
music or dance, or showcase recreational activities — baseball, chicken fights, fishing, to name 
a few – or their ethnic heritage. Others will capture memories of the sugar era, when sugar 
plantations thrived and many residents worked for or with the sugar industry.
Competition for parade awards is intense and people from the resorts, businesses and community 
groups are very creative, so you can expect the unexpected. From costumes to decorations and 
choreography, they work for weeks and up to parade day to make their ideas become reality. 
While most of us relax and enjoy the parade, the judges seated along the parade route will intently 
scrutinize the units. In the afternoon, the awards for the best in each category are announced at 
Koloa ballpark.